Differences Between Awnings and Sunrooms

At Atlas Sun Systems, we often have people inquire about awnings for their patio space. However, we generally refer to them as patio covers or pergola’a or perhaps  a sunroom.  We have found that usually those inquiring about awnings are in fact looking for a type of patio cover.

An awning is simply a fixed-frame, and permanent structure that provides protection from the elements. Whereas a sunroom is a closed in structures, framed with glass around and above you – a space that continually benefits from natural light.

The Variable Uses of a Sunroom

We could list off the various benefits a sunroom can offer, but the benefits are truly based on each individual’s objectives.

A sunroom can offer you with everything from an exercise room with a view, to a well-lit office, to a playroom that feels like it’s outdoors. Our custom sunrooms offer versatility that allows your family the ability to grow and change with its ever-growing purposes.

A sunroom provides you with the comfort of a dry and element-free indoor space, with the visual appeal of the outdoors. A lot of individuals are moving towards adding on a sunroom, as they want to take full advantage of a year-round indoor/outdoor space, which is something an awning can’t provide.The Limitations of an Awning

As much as an awning will cover you from the sun and rain, it is still subject to the outdoors, and has no additional features to protect you from weather-induced concerns.

So if you’re considering an addition to your home, the versatility that a sunroom can provide might be an option worth considering. They are incredibly easy to clean and maintain, and are constructed in a way that ensures you do not lose any heat or cooling provisions you have made for the rest of your home – ensuring it is an energy efficient structure.

At Atlas Sun Systems, we work with you to create a sunroom that meets your expectations, and we ensure you are happy with the end result. Call us today and allow us to help make your outdoor space a year round experience!