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Atlas Sun Systems specializes in designing & building Extraordinary Sunrooms in Vancouver

A sunroom can be an addition or an enclosed porch or patio area designed using windows and doors to admit a large amount of sunlight. Sunrooms are often referred to as solariums, conservatories, patio rooms, garden rooms, atriums, all season rooms, screened rooms or patio enclosures. A south-facing sunroom will provide the most sunlight while a north-facing room will provide the least sunlight. An east-facing room will be sunniest in the mornings while a west-facing sunroom will have the most sunlight in the afternoon and early evening. A sunroom is designed to withstand the elements and will not require painting and maintenance like a traditional wooden structure.

A sunroom provides you with more than just more usable living space. It is an area created for you to enjoy and improve your overall life. The naturally lighted area is great for a place of relaxation or as an entertainment and games area. With the addition of any one of our Altas Sun Systems comes a instant lifestyle improvement. These living spaces serve many purposes and can be adapted to fit many needs.

A sunroom can be used as sanctuary and a place for enjoying your morning coffee or a used as peaceful reading area. Outdoor living spaces are versatile. From an exercise room to a home office to a hobby room each area is custom built to ensure your outdoor living space suits your specific needs. Areas like this in your home are likely to create environments that are peaceful, more energetic, and most importantly provide a high level of comfort to you, your family and your friends. Not to mention the bonus of the enhanced look to your home.

Our Sunrooms and Patio Enclosures are made of a heavy-duty extruded aluminum framework combined with insulated foam core panels. You may choose from a choice of colors to find the look that blends perfectly with your style of home. We use tempered glass which is a specially treated window glass, approximately 5 times stronger than regular glass, which if broken, breaks into small, safer pieces instead of dangerous shards. Tempered glass is also referred to as safety glass, and is typically required by building codes because it can “flex” significantly more without breaking and resists impact, shock, thermal and mechanical stress better than standard glass.

Atlas Sun Systems has many options and ideas available to you. We will specifically design to accommodate ceiling fans and lighting fixtures and give your space extra amenities.

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