Patio Maintenance - After Care Tips

We are thankful for the opportunity to work with you and that you chose us to provide you with this new outdoor space, please see below for upkeep and maintenance tips for your new outdoor structure!

A few steps to maintain your installation:

  1. It is important to remove any excessive snow build-up on your new structure, especially heavy snow, this amount of weight if accumulated and left can cause avoidable damage, do not use scrappers or sharp-ended objects when taking this step and be careful, if you would like further information or help with this removal please contact our office!
  2. Clean a minimum of once a year to prevent harsh dirt & grime buildup, use soapy water (we recommend Blue Dawn dish soap) and a soft brush to clean the roofing products and aluminum components, we do suggest cleaning your frame and roof seasonally.
  3. Do not use any hard bristle brushes on any polycarbonate or acrylic roofing material, choose fabrics like microfibre or sponge consistencies.
  4. Do not wash the roof within 48 hours of installation (sealing agents require two days to dry) and do not scrape or put high level water pressure on the seams.
  5. Use a regular hose and water pressure to wash the roof, do not power wash, this level of pressure is too strong and can strip sealing agents and cause damage.
  6. When maintenance is required, we highly recommend using a plank board to evenly distribute your weight and to step on the supporting T-bar systems, do not step directly on the roofing panels.
  7. If you are uneasy about getting on your roof to clean contact a local company to come do the work for you, we suggest Shake Shine as a good alternative!

Let us know if you have any further questions about after care tips and enjoy your new useable space!